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 Art Cube Artists Studios

The Art Cube Artists’ Studio in Talpiot was established in 1982 by the Jerusalem Foundation, with the goal of encouraging and promoting art in Jerusalem. It was the first of many projects that enabled artists to work in a subsidized space for a number of years. Art Cube houses 15 working spaces where professional artists from all visual art disciplines have the opportunity to create. The artists are chosen by an art committee and are selected to work in the space for a 5 year period. Well known Israeli artists including Larry Abramson, Asaf Ben Zvi, Amnon Ben Ami, Avi Sabach, Masha Zusman, Eti Abargil, Shai Azulai and others have created in Art Cube.


Art Cube has become a modern arts and culture center offering visual artists a plentiful and fruitful work environment. In addition to subsidized studio space, the facility houses a gallery for exhibitions, curates visits, arranges for lectures that are open to the public, and engages in international exchange programs that bring artists from all over the world to Jerusalem. Art Cube also produces the annual Manofim Festival for Contemporary Art and an online art magazine, “HaRama”. Manofim is an initiative of Jerusalem based artist and it has become a unique festival that strengthens art and culture in the city, creating fascinating exhibitions at tens of different locations throughout Jerusalem. The festival is produced by artists Leehe Sholov and Rinat Edelstein, and managed by the Art Cube.


The Art Cube gallery was established in 2010, thanks to the generous contributions of the George and Jenny Bloch Foundation, the Dr. Georg and Josi Guggenheim Foundation, and the Adolf and Mary Mil Foundation. The Lloyd Foundation is also a supporter of the gallery activities.


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Credit:Dor Kidmi

Exhibitions in the gallery are the heart and soul of a rich and vibrant arts and culture program. The gallery not only houses curated exhibitions but also hosts lecturers, workshops, events, and more. Artists and curators work in an experimental and open environment while receiving professional support as Art Cube develops cooperative efforts with other art and culture institutions that offer exposure of artists’ work