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Cinematheque Digital Archive



Cinematheque Digital Archive


Need: Founded in 1981, The Jerusalem Cinematheque is a leading film institution with that welcomes 500,000 film-lovers into its halls annually.  The Jerusalem Cinematheque contains the Israel film archive, the largest archival collection of Jewish and Israeli cinema in the world, established in 1973 to preserve Jewish film history. With 2,500 hours of footage, it contains a copy and negative of every Israeli feature film, as well as Jewish productions from the Ottoman era and from the days of the British Mandate, and endeavors to acquire material pertaining to Jewish history, with a focus on the Holocaust.  These materials risk being lost due to deterioration and aging unless they are digitized.


Response: The Cinematheque makes films in the archive available to the public online, ensuring their availability to future generations, while increasing their accessibility and the range of their audience in the present day. An online catalogue of the entire archive is in development; a special software program will enable users to link to archival information.


Population Served: The archive serves anybody in Jerusalem or across the globe who is interested in learning about Jewish film history.


Impact: These new technologies will foster interactions between young filmmakers and create a virtual community of users, providing access to Jewish and Israeli film history for those who wish to learn more about this unique cultural legacy.