Art & Culture

Hazira Performing Arts Arena



The Need:Fringe art stretches the imagination by challenging conventions and inspiring new ways of thinking, and serves as a platform for alternative voices, appealing to audiences across the city seeking an inclusive, thought-provoking experience.  Fringe performances are considered outside of mainstream art, which often makes it harder to obtain funding.


Response:Hazira Performing Arts Arena is a leader in fringe art in Jerusalem. Projects include:


The Gai Ben-Hinnom Choir:  Budding artists join with professional musicians and singers from different Jerusalem communities to learn from and interact with one another.


The Arts School Graduates Network (100 Artists Annually): Support for outstanding graduates of Jerusalem's higher education arts schools in developing business and production skills that keep them sustainable. 


The Voice of the Word Festival:  Unique performance that connects performing arts to the written word.


Impact:  Hazira’s programming empowers young artists to create in Jerusalem by offering them training and networking opportunities to sustain their art. In 2015, there were two local performances featuring a lineup produced by recent art-school graduates thanks to Hazira’s mentorship and financial support: An intimate dinner-party club and an all-night slumber party at Hazira’s studio.

Population Served: Diverse audience of religious and secular, Jewish and Arab, old and young, catering to anyone interested in questioning the world around them.



Partners: Jerusalem Municipality; Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport