Poetry Place



Poetry Place


Need:  Jerusalem’s literary and creative writing community has diminished over the past few decades, largely due to a lack of programs at the city’s universities and institutes of higher learning dedicated to this particular form of art. Young writers have left the city and have not returned due to the paucity of Jerusalem’s poetry and creative writing platforms.


Response:Poetry Place (Makom le-Shirah) is a non-profit literary institution that recently established poetry school and produces poetry festivals, readings and writing workshops. Their educational program includes a two-year curriculum in literature, prose, drama, children's literature and songwriting.


Population Served: The school has students from a variety of ages, ranging from students in their twenties to senior citizens, and from a variety of religious backgrounds. It is an especially valued place for women struggling to find their literary voice.


Impact: The school is generating a new appreciation of poetry among members of the public, creating a new generation of writers and making Jerusalem an attractive place to live and create for the literary community. The presence of the school in Jerusalem is helps strengthen Jerusalem's position on the map as a world-class culture capital. Bathseva Dori Carlier, a poetry place student, recently published her first book of poems, and won the prestigious 2015 Helicon Prize for Beginning Poets.


Partners:Israel Ministry of Culture; the Jerusalem Municipal Division of Cultural Affairs,  Beracha Foundation

Funding needed:NIS 50,000