Art & Culture

The International Music Showcase



Need: Jerusalem must position itself as a place of economic and performance opportunities in order to be a desirable place for musicians to live, work, and create in, and to attract the talent that is necessary for a thriving cultural scene.


Response: The International Music Showcase, held at the Yellow Submarine in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provides a platform for dozens of Israeli jazz, world music and indie rock musicians, creating opportunities for local artists to gain international exposure, as music industry experts from around the globe gather to see the wide range of excellent music that Israel has to offer.


Population Served: The showcase serves Jerusalem’s musician and singer community, providing opportunities for local and international exposure. The 2015 Showcase had 53 bands, 3,000 audience members, and 80 foreign producers.


Impact: The Showcase draws both international and Israeli music aficionados, turning Jerusalem into a national music center with a global reputation, creating important economic opportunities in the cultural sphere, and encouraging investment in the city’s cultural future. Invites that resulted from the 2015 Showcase include: Yogev Haruvi to the Blue Frog Festival in India and the Sound of the Xity Festival in China, the Buttering Trio Bi Nuu in Berlin, Beta Zinc to the Sound of the Xity Festival in China, and the Hazelnuts to Mikser Beograd in Belgrade.




Partners:Ministry of Foreign Affairs