Coexistence through Arts and Culture

Coexistence Through Arts And Culture2

Coexistence through Arts and Culture


The Need: Jewish and Arab children have little chance to meet in daily interactions– they live in different neighborhoods, go to different schools, speak different languages – festering growing stereotypes and fear. Through the arts, children find a common language of excitement and potential that they all share, despite their diverse demography.

 Response: As part of our mission to shape a modern and vibrant city, the Jerusalem Foundation seeks to provide opportunities in dialogue and shared living, such as: 

  • The Louis and Tillie Alpert Music Center brings children and youth together through music, with instrumental and singing instruction, as well as a range of ensembles.
  • Make2gether for 5th and 6th grade students at the Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem.
  • Summer Camp at the Ein Yael Living Museum, special sessions for Jewish and Arab children.
  • Pashut Sharim – Simply Sing is a series of events of communal singing in Arabic and Hebrew in which young Jewish and Arab adults participate.
  • Jerusalem Double, a series of backgammon tournaments, often accompanied by musical performances and community ‘happenings’ in both east and west Jerusalem.

 Population served: Programs supported by the Foundation reach hundreds of children, teens and adults each year – with the potential to reach thousands more.


  • Thousands have been inspired by the YMCA’s Jewish-Arab Choir, both in Israel and on concert tours in the US, UK and Japan.
  • “I think that events like this need to happen all the time, because we don’t have a choice except for coexistence.” Elias – Arab chef at November 2014 Simply Sing event.