Coexistence through Education

The Max Rayne Hand In Hand School Bilingual School For Jewish Arab Education

 The Jerusalem Foundation: Coexistence through Education

Need: Jewish and Arab school systems, community services and living spaces operate in tandem, but are largely separate, offering few opportunities genuine and lasting contact to break down stereotypes. Children, as our future generation, must learn and internalize the values of tolerance and respect for others for the future of the city.

Response: In order to make an impact it is imperative to support projects of varying levels of interaction. Sharing educational frameworks, in which Jewish and Arab children study together all day, every day, uniquely demonstrates full equality, serving as symbols that shared living on a daily basis is indeed possible.

  • The Max Rayne Hand in Hand School for Bilingual Education was founded in 1998, and today the school runs from kindergarten through high school, the only integrated Arab-Jewish high school in Israel.
  • The Hattie Friedland School for the Deaf for some 80 Arab and Jewish special needs children ages 6-21 in a bilingual, multicultural environment.
  • MICHA Jerusalem helps young children with hearing impairments integrate into normal hearing society by providing them with educational, medical, and rehabilitative services in the critical early years.

Population Served:680 at the Hand in Hand school, 80 at the Hattie Friedland School for the Deaf and 50 children at the MICHA Jerusalem day care center.

Impact: “The Hand in Hand School represents something very important for a lot of people that go well beyond the students and families of that school, that go well beyond even the city of Jerusalem… I leave Jerusalem [soon], and I leave more optimistic because I know there are places like this school,” former US Consul General Michael Ratney

Partners:Jerusalem Education Authority, National Insurance Institute