The Jerusalem Press Club: Missions and Fellowships

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The Jerusalem Press Club: Missions and Fellowships

Need: The State of Israel faces unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to international media coverage. These include facilitating nuanced and balanced reporting about the political and security situation, and shedding light on the many aspects of Israel that are not associated with the conflict.

Response: The Jerusalem Press Club (JPC) is a non-governmental, non-profit institution, established in 2013 by the Jerusalem Foundation, with generous seed funding from the Helmsley Charitable Trust. The JPC is a place where local journalists, international media stationed in Israel and journalists visiting from abroad are introduced to many cultural, technological, educational, economic and political aspects of the country through meetings with experts in the field, briefings and customized tours relating to their specific interests. The JPC operates a number of programs:

  • The JPC Fellows Program invites well-known international journalists to JPC to learn more about Israel, establish professional and personal relationships with Israelis, report from Jerusalem and broadcast their programs. Hosting prominent journalists helps raise the profile of JPC and has the potential to impact international media coverage of Israel. Fellows also offer workshops and lectures open to the public during their stay.
  • The JPC Missions Program invites a number of journalists from the same field to visit the JPC together for a special program tailored to their area of expertise or interest. The program offers members of the media the opportunity to forge personal relationships with local personalities. Leading journalists, editors and bloggers have the potential to impact public discourse on Israel-related issues and broaden the scope of coverage emanating from Jerusalem. Fields of interest for special programs include: sustainable food solutions, security, the high-tech industry, film, literature, music, science, environment, fine arts, innovations in education and more.
  • The JPC Student Study Tours & Missions Program is designed for journalism students around the world. Participants study for credit at The Daniel Pearl Journalism Center at The Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya or other leading academic intuitions for up to one month and intern at foreign news agencies, Israeli news organizations, the IDF Spokesperson's office, and other suitable venues. The program includes guided tours. In recent years, students and faculty from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University have made regular visits. Columbia Journalism Graduate School, the Journalism School at George Washington University, The Annenberg Schools of Journalism both at Penn and USC, and CUNY Graduate School of Journalism are interested in sending their students to the same program.

Impact: Since its opening the JPC has become a hub for local and foreign journalists working in Israel and for visiting journalists, providing a unique meeting space in which thinkers and press members from around the world can exchange ideas and engage in meaningful conversations. The JPC creates opportunities for journalists to meet with the movers and shakers of Israeli politics and society, giving them access to ministers, diplomats, ambassadors and high level officials.

Population Served: The JPC has more than 500 members and visitors per year who benefit from its facilities, which include a state-of-the-art communications center, a lounge-restaurant for meetings and access to the Mishkenot Sha'ananim Guest House located steps away from the Press Club.

Web Site: www.jerusalempressclub.com/