Avratech (1)

The Need Jerusalem is home to the largest ultra-Orthodox population in Israel. More than 211,000 live in Jerusalem, but only 50% of males are employed, contributing to acute poverty in the sector. More than 56% of Haredi families in Jerusalem fall below the poverty line, forcing Haredi males to consider paths towards employment that allow them to maintain their religious identity while undergoing vocational training that leads directly to workforce participation.


The Solution AvraTech, established in 2013 by the ultra-Orthodox, is a social enterprise, the only one of its kind in Israel, that offers technological training program and guaranteed job placement.  In the morning, ultra-Orthodox males learn Torah, and in the afternoon, Avra-Tech offers an intensive 12-month training program in math, English, computer science, Java, PHP, Python, mobile and web applications, websites and automated QA systems.


Social Venture Once the training is complete, ‘graduates’ are immediately assured employment in RavTech, a social venture that offers software solutions to multinational corporations. By 2022, Rav-Tech should be sufficiently profitable to partially support the non-profit operations of Avra-Tech. 


Impact Since its founding, AvraTech has trained 114 students (in both Jerusalem and Bnei Brak) and 74% are employed at Ravtech, with another 12% that have become software developers at larger companies.