International Music Showcase Festival – Yellow Submarine Music Center

Yellow Submarine


International Music Showcase Festival – Yellow Submarine Music Center

The Need: As the local music scene continues to reach new heights, efforts are underway to expose the high-quality music produced in Israel to key players within the international music industry, while simultaneously positioning Jerusalem as a world-class center for music and the arts. The Yellow Submarine, together with other institutions around Jerusalem, lead the way in creating music opportunities for emerging young talent from around the country.

Supported by the Jerusalem Foundation, the International Music Showcase Festival at the Yellow Submarine Music Center is one such initiative, bringing Israeli artists and international music industry professionals together, every year since 2010, for an eight-day festival open to the public.

Impact on Jerusalem: Taking place each year in December, the International Music Showcase Festival comprises two mini festivals over eight days – four days of jazz and world music and another four days of rock and indie. The project features performances by over 50 of Israel's best music ensembles in front of a crowd of more than 3,000 locals.

With the support of the Foreign Ministry, the Yellow Submarine brings upwards of 70 international guests to Jerusalem for the event, including festival managers, representatives from cultural institutions, agents, buyers, promoters, producers and journalists, giving them a glimpse into the ever-expanding local music scene and the opportunity to scout fresh talent. The festival gives local bands an unparalleled opportunity to impress key figures, resulting in performances and tours on stages around the world. Over the past few years, 70 percent of participating bands received invitations to tour internationally as a direct result of the doors opened to them and connections made at the festival.

The exposure received by these bands creates a buzz around the Israeli music scene, presenting Jerusalem as key to a flourishing national music industry.


Partners: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport

Funding Needed: NIS 150,000 each year for the next three years