Jerusalem as a Home for Young Adults

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Jerusalem as a Home for Young Adults


The Need: One of Jerusalem’s greatest challenges is to stem negative migration of young adults by reframing the capital as a city where the young want to live: a place where students seek to settle after graduation, where young adults of every sector feel their needs are being met.

Response:  Young adults themselves can – and should – be a major driving force in fostering the city’s economic growth. To that end, we spearheaded the creation of the Koschitzky Young Adults Center, headquartered at Beit Canada in Morasha. Designated by the Jerusalem Municipality as the "command center" for the city's young adult population, the center serves as a clearinghouse that cultivates the personal and professional development of Jerusalem's diverse young adult community with such in-house resources as:

  • Personalized counseling, mentoring, and life coaching
  • Guidance towards choosing the right vocational/educational/career path
  • Economic and life skills workshops
  • Networking and mentoring for new entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Employment and job placement services; career acceleration programming

Populations Served: The Koschitzky Young Adults Center annually serves 3,000 young adults from across Jerusalem's geographic and demographic spectrum, including young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, new immigrants, and members of the city’s Haredi community.

Impact: Working with and for the city's young adult population, the Center serves to reduce the emigration trend of this population group out of the city and empower young residents with a sense of identity as Jerusalemites, ultimately ensuring the future of Jerusalem as a dynamic, flourishing city that every resident can truly call home.

Partners: Jerusalem Municipality, Municipal Young Adults Authority
Funding Needed: 300,000 NIS per year