Workforce Integration for Arab Women

Arab Women

The Need: Labor force participation among 25-64 year old Arab women in east Jerusalem is 21%, a leading cause of the 71% poverty rate in the sector. Research has shown that the barriers to work force integration are culture and religious, a lack of equal access to education, and the absence of subsidized day care for children. While about 18% of Arab women in east Jerusalem possess academic degrees, an astounding 43% did not complete 12 years of schooling. 


The Solution:  We are currently developing a 3-5 year holistic program, focusing on one east Jerusalem neighborhood and addressing the demographic with the greatest need -  women with less than 12 years of schooling. Among this group, poverty is most acute, with language and childcare barriers that must be addressed as part of an intervention that will offer women choices in vocational training or assistance in development of small businesses.


Impact:  Increase workforce participation and reduction in poverty rates.