Academic Institutions Adopt Elementary Schools

Academic Institutions Adopt Elementary Schools 1


Academic Institutions Adopt Elementary Schools


Need: Jerusalem is Israel's poorest large city, with half the population and over 60% of the children living beneath the poverty line. While schoolchildren often lack adult role models with higher education, Jerusalem is home to more high-quality higher education institutions and students (over 40,000) than any other city in the country – a significant advantage that can be harnessed to encourage schoolchildren to view higher education as a means of pursuing their dreams.

Response: The program pairs Jerusalem's numerous academic institutions with elementary schools in the city.

  • About 10 college or university students integrate with the faculties of each school, contributing by teaching, conducting enrichment activities, leading special projects, assisting with difficulties and active recess activities.
  • The academic institutions conduct events for the school community, instruct teachers, provide guidance to schoolchildren and host children on campus.
  • University students serve as significant role models, impart expertise in their fields of study and expose children to higher education from an early age.
  • Strengthens the connection between the education system, school community and higher education

Population Served: Children in Jerusalem elementary schools

Impact: About 100 student scholarship recipients from eight higher education institutions inspire 3,500 children in 11 elementary schools. The Guatemala School in Jerusalem, for example: since it was "adopted", its excelling art students are fast-tracked to acceptance at the prestigious Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem.

Partners: Jerusalem Education Authority