Denmark High School for At-Risk Youth

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Denmark High School for At-Risk Youth

Need: Once a large school, the Denmark High School in Jerusalem's Katamon neighborhood was on the brink of closure due to lack of enrolment. It has turned around due to heavy investment and focusing on the growing number of students "in between". Denmark became a citywide magnet school, absorbing students characterized as those who have fallen out of educational frameworks in Jerusalem, but have potential. 

For Denmark High School students from throughout Jerusalem facing multiple challenges, the school's structure and strategy offers a uniquely hopeful alternative to either disconnecting from the education system or being placed in treatment frameworks. Particularly for these at-risk youth, sports and recreational activities help teach stress management and resiliency. The school was built decades ago and the now dilapidated grounds are entirely unsuitable for recess and sports activities, devoid of safe play areas and shaded sitting corners. Moreover, the entry and front courtyard are unwelcoming and rundown, with severe safety hazards.


  • The school's entrance, main stairs and front courtyard will be upgraded and equipped, making them safe, welcoming and useful, serving physical education, recreational and outdoor learning needs
  • Safety-regulation flooring, sports equipment essential for any high school and sitting areas


  • Enriching learning environments, reinforcing students' sense of achievement and self-worth and increasing their chances of success in all spheres
  • Courtyard will also serve the community during afterschool hours and on weekends, including a garden cultivated by the students and a small playground

Population Served: High school students who have fallen out of educational frameworks from throughout Jerusalem, as well as the community

Partners: Jerusalem Municipality, Ministry of Education, leading Israeli businessmen headed by high-tech entrepreneur Dr. Yossi Vardi

Campus Plan

  1. School entrance and stairs to be renovated
  2. Area to be dug out, leveled and transformed into a garden, playground, shaded sitting areas, sport facilities, outside classroom, picnic bench & walkway (see plans below)
  3. Main courtyard & physical fitness area – safety hazards to be addressed