Education in east Jerusalem

Education In East Jerusalem 3


Investment in Arab Educational Frameworks


The Need: The education system in Jerusalem is the largest and most complex system in the country, divided into Arab, Ultra-Orthodox Jewish and Secular/Religious Jewish streams. In the Arab stream alone there are some 90,000 students, mostly in public education institutions. This stream is plagued with many difficulties, such as lack of space and kindergartens, a high dropout rate, a small number who are eligible for graduation, and lack of funding. The Jerusalem Foundation’s mission is to shape a modern and vibrant city by creating opportunities for all of Jerusalem’s groups, especially opportunities in education for its most vulnerable populations. In an effort to level the playing field and provide opportunities for children who rarely receive them, the Jerusalem Foundation seeks to focus on 5 Arab elementary and secondary schools throughout east Jerusalem.

Impact on Jerusalem: Since its establishment the Jerusalem Foundation has invested in many schools in east Jerusalem, special education schools as well as regular school frameworks. Forms of investment include: establishing science and technology labs, with a new science lab currently being built at the Al-Thuri girls school, which serves about 600 students, and sponsoring school trips to Jerusalem educational and cultural institutions. Over the years we have developed direct relationships with both individual schools and educational networks throughout the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

The Foundation is also building a youth club for young people in Wadi Joz, at the request of and with agreement from local residents. It is also involved in the construction of educational facilities that service all of Jerusalem’s population groups, such as the construction of the MICHA building for Jewish and Arab young children with hearing impairments, which was dedicated in April 2015.

Overall, to improve education in east Jerusalem the Jerusalem Foundation seeks to:

1.  Support existing educational frameworks and the creation of new frameworks;

2.  Establish a center to help youth at risk and prevent dropping out;

3.  Encourage university-age students from east Jerusalem to study in post-secondary academic institutions;

4.  Empower professionals in the field of education;

5.  Expand and support programs in special education.

More specifically, the Jerusalem Foundation seeks to focus its efforts on 5 elementary and secondary schools. Funds will go toward supplemental programming, equipment, educational curricula in the following schools:

1. Ras el-Amud elementary school for boys

2. Omariyyah elementary school for boys in the Old City

3. Sakikini secondary school for girls in the Old City

4. Secondary school for girls in Jebel Mukaber

5. Secondary school for girls in Sur Baher

Partners: Jerusalem Municipality

Funding Needed: NIS 60,000 per year per school; NIS 300,000 for all 5 schools per year