High School & Higher Education Scholarships

Scholarships For High School Higher Education Students 1


High School & Higher Education Scholarships

Need: Jerusalem is Israel's poorest large city, with half the population and over 60% of the children living beneath the poverty line and a developing economy. High school and higher education scholarships are needed to provide educational opportunities to students with high learning potential who are either in financial need or are excelling students, among them immigrants, ultra-Orthodox, women and minorities.


High School Subsidies

  • Enable high school students to participate in unique, innovative  educational specialty programs that are not offered at their schools
  • Expand educational opportunities  in such areas as Russian, Amharic, advanced science and technology,  engineering, the arts, music and more
  • Provide high school matriculation tracks at the Hebrew University, the Yellow Submarine, the Hassadna Music Conservatory and other top-notch Jerusalem institutions

Higher Education Tuition Scholarships

  • Scholarships enable participation in higher education programs regardless of gender, socioeconomic, religious, or ethnic background
  • Awarded to students at first-rate Jerusalem institutions: Hebrew University, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, the Azrieli College of Engineering, Academy of Music and Dance, Sam Spiegel School of Film and Television, Emunah College, Center for Middle Eastern Classical Music, Nissan Nativ Acting Studio and more;
  • Through volunteer community involvement projects, recipients directly impact vulnerable populations and promote tolerance and diversity in Jerusalem: art students work with special needs youth in disadvantaged Jewish and Arab neighborhoods, music students operate a music center for youth and teach blind children voice and music, technology students teach senior citizens computer skills;

Population Served: High school and higher education students in Jerusalem, representing the human mosaic of Israeli society –Jews and Arabs, secular, religious and ultra-Orthodox, men and women, natives and immigrants

Impact: Subsidies for about 100 high school students in unique programs and scholarships for 170 higher education students each year; through social change volunteer work in the community, students of varied fields and backgrounds contribute to city's economic and industrial diversity; higher education scholarship recipients volunteer and become more involved in Jerusalem, some choosing to remain there after graduation.