Investment in Arab Educational Frameworks

Education In East Jerusalem 3

 Investment in Arab Educational Frameworks

 Need: The Arab public education system, with some 90,000 students, is plagued with many difficulties, such as lack of space and kindergartens, a high dropout rate, a small number who are eligible for graduation and general lack of funding.

Response: In order to improve education in east Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Foundation seeks to:

  • Support existing educational frameworks and the creation of new frameworks;
  • Establish a center to help youth at risk and prevent dropping out;
  • Encourage university-age students from east Jerusalem to study in post-secondary academic institutions;
  • Empower professionals in the field of education;
  • Expand and support programs in special education.

In the first stage we will focus on 5 elementary and secondary schools. Funds will go toward supplemental programming, equipment, educational curricula in the following schools:

  1. El Farouk Secondary school for girls in Jebel Mukaber
  2. Ras el-Amud elementary school for boys
  3. Omariyyah elementary school for boys in the Old City
  4. Sakikini secondary school for girls in the Old City
  5. Sur Baher Secondary school for girls

Populations Served: Schools that serve Arab boys and girls aged 6 – 18, each with several hundred students.

Impact: Quality of education in these schools will improve, as evidenced by test scores and grades, and students will report an atmosphere of more intensive learning.

Partners: The Jerusalem Municipality