The Jerusalem Foundation Opportunities in Education

The Jerusalem Foundation Opportunities in Education


Need:Jerusalem's education and higher education system greatly impacts the character and future of the city, particularly for young adults and families. Its school system is Israel's largest, with over a quarter of a million children and youth attending secular and modern Orthodox Jewish public schools, Arab public schools and the semi-private Jewish ultra-Orthodox education system. Jerusalem also has the highest concentration of higher education and academic institutes, with over 40,000 higher education students.

The advancement of these systems and access to them is vital to the future of Jerusalem and its residents, representing a major thrust of activities for the Jerusalem Foundation in its 50th year. The Foundation works with the Municipality and many other local partners to identify and implement high impact, unique and innovative education projects, both physical and programmatic, which are catalysts for change in Jerusalem.


  • Increasing the attractiveness of schools and higher education institutions in Jerusalem, drawing young families, strengthening Jerusalem and branding it as a young, vibrant, modern and open city; advancing secular core curriculum studies and enrichment that expand the worldviews and opportunities of all population groups:

The Argentina School in Kiryat HaYovel
Programs for Jerusalem's Excelling Students
Ultra-Orthodox Education Advancing Science and the Humanities
Investment in Arab Educational Frameworks
Arts & Music Education through Havrutav and Djanogly Visual Arts
Youth Aliya - French High School, Dormitories and Lone Soldiers Home

  • Reinforcing the connection of higher education students with the school system and community in Jerusalem:

Academic Institutions Adopt Elementary Schools
High School & Higher Education Scholarships
Outstanding Youth Science Programs and Jerusalem's Urban Advantage

  • Providing opportunities for Jerusalem's struggling students, disadvantaged and at-risk youth and special education, that narrowing gaps, promote achievement and reduce school drop-out rate:

Denmark High School for At-Risk Youth
The Ma'ayan School for Severely Disabled Jewish and Arab Children
Literacy Programs for the Ethiopian Community
Therapy and Enrichment in Public Schools


  • Promoting education toward civic responsibility, democracy, diversity and inclusion (overlaps with our Dialogue & Shared Living projects):

Fighting Racism in Education and the Community
Learning Together: Coexistence Education Every Day 

  • Specific projects in the Arab formal and informal education system to narrow gaps, strengthen uniqueness and promote success:

School & Youth Clubs Campus in East Jerusalem's Wadi Joz Neighborhood
Investment in Arab Educational Frameworks 

  • Specific programs and services for the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish education system:

Education toward Employment in the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Sector
Higher Education for the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Community


  • Enhancing Jerusalem's attractiveness to young adults and families with children, as indicated by satisfaction surveys and school enrollment
  • Branding Jerusalem as a vibrant, academic, diverse metropolis with opportunities
  • Significantly improving school retention and scholastic achievement as measured by high school matriculation scores
  • Increasing interest and enrollment in enrichment activities leading to continued and higher education studies in field
  • Exposing all Jerusalem sectors to science and technology, impacting local economy