Yeshiva High Schools in Jerusalem

Yeshiva High Schools


Need: With under 10% of Haredi youth currently eligible to receive a high school diploma (as opposed to 53.4% of general Israeli society), many young Haredim, and in particular Haredi men, are not acquiring the skills or knowledge necessary to join the workforce. After studying in a Talmud Torah until age 13 that teaches little or no secular subjects, most continue on to Yeshivot Ktanot that concentrate solely on Jewish studies. The few who choose to study secular subjects in high school must pay expensive tuition and boarding costs to attend specially adapted frameworks that meet their needs. As a majority of individuals come from families with less affluent means, there are more and more Haredi youth who are left behind to face the growing chance of dead-end meager employment, declining standards of living and a vicious cycle of poverty. Without equal and affordable opportunity in education, the struggle of Haredi young adults to obtain gainful employment and improve their situation is dire.

Response: There are a growing number of frameworks that offer a general high school education alongside continued Yeshiva study. Two of them are Chedvat Ha’Torah and Hachmey Lev. Both aim to prepare students for continued professional and academic advancement, while at the same time preserving the traditional model of the Haredi Yeshiva system to the greatest possible extent (and the highest possible standard). A dynamic and intensive six year curriculum, including both traditional Yeshiva studies and a core curriculum of English, Math, Hebrew, History and Civics, and taught by a team of dedicated and seasoned educators, enables students to finish traditional Yeshiva with a High school diploma.


The curriculum includes:

  • Study towards a High school diploma with a core curriculum in English, Math, Hebrew, History and Civics
  • Torah education in Jewish Law (Halacha), Gemara, Tanach (Hebrew Bible), and Jewish Thought.
  • Small and intimate study groups
  • Longer study day (from 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.)

In order to ensure that all children have the basis of secular knowledge required to study for and pass the Israeli matriculation examinations, the school seeks to provide remedial instruction in English, computers and mathematics. This is critical for children who until now have had limited instruction in secular subjects.

Population Served: There are currently 100 – 150 Haredi youth studying in each of the frameworks.

Impact: “I still don't know what I want to be when I grow-up. Maybe a Rabbi or a litigator (Dayan), maybe a doctor or maybe a scientist. One thing I do know for sure is that Chedvat Ha'Torah will give me the tools I need to choose my future and that every possibility will be open to me!" A student at Chedvat Ha'Torah

Partners: Israeli Ministry of Education, Jerusalem Education Authority