Herzl Auditorium and Exhibition Hall at Mount Herzl

Herzl Auditorium And Exhibition Hall 1


Herzl Auditorium and Exhibition Hall at Mount Herzl


The Need:


The Jerusalem Foundation and World Zionist Organization successfully partnered to establish the Herzl Educational Campus, a Jerusalem non-profit atop Mount Herzl, Israel's national cemetery for its fallen soldiers, founders and Theodor Herzl, the visionary of the State of Israel.


The campus, comprised of the Herzl Museum, the Stella and Alexander Margulies Education Center and the future Herzl Auditorium and Exhibition Hall Building, was conceived to grant Jews and non-Jews worldwide, particularly the younger generations, an affinity for the Jewish State, an understanding of the path that brought it into being and the passion to work for a meaningful Jewish future. 


Given the enormous success of the museum and education center, there is a need for a third building to host large groups for conferences, performances, lectures and seminars. While visitors gather in small groups in the education center, there is no location for large scale gatherings.


Impact on Jerusalem:


The new auditorium will have the capacity to seat some 300 people, enabling the Herzl Educational Campus to greatly expand its services to the public including the ability to:


  • Produce lectures, symposia, panel discussions, theatrical performances, and colloquia supplementing the other components of a visit to Mount Herzl
  • Provide an attractive venue for events organizers, greatly increasing the number of visitors to Mount Herzl who will then visit the other buildings in the complex
  • Allow organizations to stage cultural events, such as film festivals and lecture series that will positively impact the number of visitors to the Herzl Education Campus and to Jerusalem
  • Cater to guests of the entire complex with a cafeteria, book store and souvenir shop of a size appropriate to the dimensions and stature of the Campus


The exhibition hall and other facilities will provide the visiting public, school groups and tours for all ages from Israel and abroad:


  • Exposure to a wealth of original archival materials currently inaccessible to the public, such as manuscripts, documents, maps, photographs and artifacts
  • Sophisticated multimedia explanations of displayed archival materials, such as episodes from the past come alive and challenges in the nation's history made personal and relevant
  • Both a permanent exhibition, fundamental to the unfolding of the Zionist enterprise, and changing exhibitions relating to specific events, themes and chapters in history appropriate to dates in the calendar, current affairs and contemporary issues
  • A way to frame Herzl's legacy within a wider context; conveying the message of the Zionist movement as not merely the task of its founders alone, rather one that remains a continuing, collective effort.





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