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Opportunities in Heritage & Preservation



At the crossroads of civilization, faith and history, the life and history of the city has been intertwined with that of humanity as a whole. The Old City is a world heritage site and Israel's central attraction for people of all faiths. The Jerusalem Foundation has for 50 years strived to help shape the development of the city and enhance Jerusalem’s contribution as a source of inspiration to Israel and the world.



The Jerusalem Foundation initiates and supports projects that preserve heritage sites and institutions that highlight the people and cultural legacies of the city. The Foundation also plays an important role in preserving and nurturing shared public spaces that make Jerusalem a more attractive place to live and visit and bring people together, while promoting environmental and wildlife conservation and the establishment of new open green spaces that increase the quality of life of all sectors of the population.


The Tower of David Museum; several of the Old City gates, plazas, synagogues, churches and the Via Dolorosa, the Muslim Quarter Market, archaeological digs and visitor centers are just a few examples in the Old City alone. The modern heritage of Jerusalem is being preserved through the restored Montefiore's Windmill and Mishkenot Sha'ananim, the establishment of Teddy Park that tells the story of Teddy Kollek's part in building Jerusalem, the Wohl Rose Park, the Herzl Museum atop Mount Herzl, the Italian Jewish Cultural Center and much more. The quality of life of all Jerusalem residents is enhanced through such projects as the Tisch Family Zoological Gardens, the Botanical Gardens, the Harry Wilf Independence Park and hundreds of community parks, gardens, playgrounds and promenades throughout the city.



  • The religious and cultural heritage and the beauty of Jerusalem, revered by the three monotheistic religions and billions of people around the world, is enhanced and preserved for the benefit of humanity.
  • The development of heritage sites in Jerusalem and the different historic narratives associated with them demonstrate and accentuate the cultural and ethnic diversity of the city and promote pluralism, tolerance and shared living.
  • Jerusalem, the capital city of the State of Israel and the center of world Jewry, is beautified and made more meaningful for residents and tourists.
  • The natural terrain, flora and fauna of Jerusalem are protected, nurtured and enjoyed through environmental conservation and green open spaces. 
  • Although Jerusalem remains a focus of international media coverage in the region, the Foundation's support for Jerusalem's heritage and preservation sites helps sustain Israel's foreign and domestic tourism industry and the local economy