Keeping You Posted

It has been many years in the making, but are now finally nearing the home stretch, completing Teddy Park, located in Mitchell Park & Gardens.  The park honors Teddy Kollek's longstanding contributions to the city of Jerusalem in the 4 decades he worked toward advancing this city's development, both as Mayor of Jerusalem and as president and founder of the Jerusalem Foundation. 

The park's central attraction will be a sound and light fountain, the only one of its kind in Israel, with music that is being composed for this element of the park.  A  visitor's center, also in the park, will include multi-media presentations about the life and times of Teddy, along with an interactive map of all of the Jerusalem Foundation projects to date.  A  wishing well, a sundial, unique sculpture and grassy areas for the public to enjoy round out this unique urban park experience. 

In October 2012, much progress was made in laying the pipes and water systems for the fountain with the flooring already set.  We have begun the process of renovating Artisan's Lane (Hutzot HaYotzer) and, off site, have begun production of the multimedia collection for the visitor's center.  An artist has been commissioned for the "Center of the World" sculpture that will be child friendly, allowing visitors to play on the artwork.  
We will be posting monthly updates on the progress of the park on this page so visit us often

In November 2012, we started work on the Visitor's Center and continued the painstaking preservation and renovation of the historic building on the property, a building that is hundreds of years old.  We continued to landscape the property and started construction of the service areas that are critical to the operation of the park. Jerusalem was privileged to have a special visitor, Alan Hassenfeld, Chairman of the Jerusalem Foundation's US Board, who came to visit the progress in the park. Click here to see photos of the recent progress at the park.

December 2012:

In December, the Visitor's Center was given some reinforcements before we commence building the main building itself. We completed excavation in the central area and we started reinforcing with cement block.Click here for our Facebook Gallery.

We continue to work on production for the movie about Teddy Kollek that is being researched professionally and will be shown inside a glass pyramid inside the Visitor's Center. The lighting contractor has also commenced work on the site.

The Fountain, a main attraction of the park, is now undergoing significant work in a special room that gold all the complex machinery.

132 more days until the opening!