Public Auction at the MAXXI National Museum

The Jerusalem Foundation hosted a prestigious  dinner at the world famous MAXXI Museum in Rome during which many works of art were auctioned.  All of the proceeds dedicated to coexistence projects in Jerusalem.


The renowned MAXXI Museum of 21st Century Arts in Rome hosted a public auction of contemporary photographs at the end of October, the proceeds of which will be dedicated to supporting coexistence projects in Jerusalem. Participants in the event, organized by Friends of the Jerusalem Foundation in Italy, included  Israel's Ambassador to Italy Naor Gilon and senior government officials, as well as art collectors from all over Italy. Arriving from Israel were President of the Jerusalem Foundation Amb. Mark Sofer, co-founder of the Jerusalem Foundation Ruth Cheshin and the director of the Italian Desk of the Jerusalem Foundation, Tamar Millo.


38 respected artists from Italy and the United States donated their works for this event, which was curated by Peter Benson Miller, the Andrew Heiskell  Arts Director at the American Academy in Rome. The works were shown as an exhibition at the MAXXI and auctioned by Claudia Dwek, head of Sotheby's Italy, in the presence of 330 honoured guests, who were invited to dinner at the museum.  Proceeds from the evening are dedicated to projects whose goal is to bring Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem closer together, and to teach youth the importance of recognizing and respecting the ‘other’.


Among the artists whose works created the most interest were: Massimo Vitali and Luigi Ontani each of their photographs were sold for 13,000 Euro. The work by Domingo Milella, Cairo at Night, was the highest selling photograph at 16,000 Euro. In spite of the difficult economic situation in Italy, the Jerusalem Foundation evening brought in over 200,000 Euro for coexistence in Jerusalem. A fact that is very much appreciated.


The event was organized by Mirella Petteni Haggiag, Chairman of the Board of the Jerusalem Foundation in Italy, whose family endows the The Haggiag Family Awards for Israeli Cinema, and Shulamith Orvieto, who contributed her event-planning company's services.  Many others volunteered, including members of the Fendi family.


"It is very touching to see the good will of so many artists and galleries, who donated their works for the benefit of Jerusalem," said Tamar Millo, Director of the Italian Desk at the Jerusalem Foundation.


"The Italians believe in coexistence, through which we can relay the message of a city of tolerance and brotherhood," said Amb. Mark Sofer, President of the Jerusalem Foundation.


Alessandro Bianchi Giovanna Melandri Mirella Haggiag

Franca Fendi

Jacqueline E Luigi De Laurentis With Paolo Ferrari