A Moment of Respite: Israel's International Music Showcase Festival

A Moment Of Respite Israels International Music Showcase Festival
With the current situation here in Jerusalem at the forefront of our minds, it is unlikely that one singular event can permanently boost morale or instill hope in an entire city. For some though, there are moments of respite – a few hours to sit back and enjoy the wonderful things that this city has to offer.


Last night was one of those moments. The highly-anticipated International Music Showcase Festival kicked off for the fifth time, bringing hundreds of Jerusalem residents from diverse backgrounds to the Yellow Submarine for a great line-up of musicians, headlined by one of Israel's leading artists, Marina Maximillian. The crowd was animated and energized, dancing to the late hours of the night and enjoying this great (free) show put on by the Yellow Submarine.


The purpose of the Showcase, which is supported by the Jerusalem Foundation, the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Culture and Sport, is to provide exposure for some of Israel's best jazz, indie, rock and world music ensembles.  The Festival brings international music industry representatives to Israel, giving them a glimpse into the ever-expanding local music scene. Last night the Yellow Submarine was a modern Tower of Babel – in a good way – with dozens of music representatives from Europe, Asia and North America in attendance. Their presence, given the current situation, was highly appreciated by the Festival's organizers who acknowledged their efforts at a lively opening dinner that took place prior to the performance.