5 things to do in Jerusalem this week at institutions supported by the Jerusalem Foundation

5 Things To Do In Jerusalem This Week 1
Alila @ Yellow Submarine

Wednesday 24th June. 22.00

The five piece ethno-jazz band Alila bring world music to Yellow Submarine’s weekly jazz slot – their array of instruments, rhythms and melodies reflecting the varied personal, cultural and traditional backgrounds of its members. Fast tempo numbers both fluctuate between and fuse a distinctly Middle Eastern sound with the emotive melodies of Klezmer, with string instruments set to both a traditional drum kit and darbuka drums. They’ll be sure to get you dancing, or at least clapping in time, because their beats are infectious. Yellow Submarine is a multidisciplinary music center founded in 1991 by the Jerusalem Foundation in partnership with The Florscheimer Foundation.



The Opposite of Alive – Hazira Performance Art Company @ Jerusalem Nature Museum

Thursday 25th June. Runs from 19.00 to 23.00

Alternative art platform Hazira continue their nocturnal tours of the Jerusalem Nature Museum, removing visitors from the everyday and inviting them to explore the somber landscapes of frozen nature with only a flashlight. Emptied of visitors and shrouded in darkness, participants are encouraged by a guiding voice to ponder the line between life and death, between existing and disappearing. The Opposite of Alive is a typically immersive, experimental piece from Hazira, whose projects are often supported by The Jerusalem Foundation. For an enlightening experiencing book onto a tour now. Tours run on alternate Thursdays.



5 Things To Do In Jerusalem This Week 2


Curator-led talk on ‘Gatherer/ Nonfunctional Display’ @ Jerusalem Artists’ House

Saturday 27th June. 12pm

Join curator Tali Ben Nun and artists Rachel Kainy, Noa Raz Melamed and Gilli Avissar for a talk (in Hebrew) about the Jerusalem Artists’ House current exhibition: Gatherer/Nonfunctional Display. Drawing upon the eclectic, multi-disciplinary collection and disordered display techniques of the Bezalel National Museum, which occupied the current Artists’ house before becoming the Israel Museum, this exhibition probes questions about the museum space, collecting and high/low art culture. Ben Nun’s show recreates the material and conceptual conflicts at play in the National Museum, as well fostering an interaction between different generations of artists. Don’t miss this fascinating response to one of Israel’s original cultural institutions.



Jams in June @ Machol Shalem Dance House

Sunday 28th June, 6.30 -9.30pm

The Machol Shalem Dance House this week rounds off its Jams in June series, which invites the public to boogie in its performance space, Karnaf Hall. A three-hour ‘Trash-music’ session completes the series, following respective Oriental and Cross-Dressing dance sessions earlier this month, and is guaranteed to get everyone - young and old - throwing some crazy shapes. The hall itself, a part of Canada House, was converted into a professional performance space with the aid of the Jerusalem Foundation.  



5 Things To Do In Jerusalem This Week 3


The Emperor’s New Clothes – Train Theater @ The Israel Museum

30th June 17.00 (Ages 5+)

The culturally preeminent Train Theater, which the Jerusalem Foundation helped to establish in 1981, brings its innovative take on The Emperor’s New Clothes to the Israel Museum. The award-winning show recreates Hans Christian Andersen’s children’s tale with sewing materials as characters; rolls of thread are the impoverished subjects of the Emperor’s Kingdom, while an emptying jar of gold buttons is the Minister of Finance. Meanwhile the Emperor is offered a tempting deal by two Italian tailors. The moral bent of the story is modernised, with themes of over-consumption and social justice threaded throughout.