Jerusalem Foundation Grants Emergency Assistance to Women's Business Incubator in Jerusalem

סיוע חירום לחממה
The Jerusalem Foundation granted "Karov la-Bbayit," a women's business incubator in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Pat, 35,000 shekels towards recovery efforts and equipment after it was broken into and vandalized earlier this month (June 2015). Literally meaning "close to home," the incubator empowers a select group of talented young women by providing training and support, as well as an equipped space for them to use as they develop their own small businesses. On any given day at the incubator, you will find an eclectic mix of artisans and designers, including a jewelry maker, graphic designer, hairstylist, shiatsu instructor, beautician, photographer, naturopath, and more.


On Monday, June 8, 2015, these women arrived at the incubator to the chaos that had ensued the previous evening, when the incubator was broken into and equipment that was essential to their businesses stolen. "We were in shock, "says Ayala Danino, director of the incubator. "Expensive equipment estimated to be worth thousands of dollars was stolen, equipment that is crucial for their businesses.  They cant work without it."


And of course, the harsh impact on this women isn't only monetary, but on the self-esteem of individuals who are in the midst of generating businesses to support themselves and their families. "This violation of personal security represents a painful slap in the face, undermining the tremendous effort and especially the women themselves, who have invested time, money, faith and hope to realize their professional abilities for themselves and for their families," says Ms. Danino.


A call for help came to Dr. Adit Dayan, Director of Community and Social Services at the Jerusalem Foundation. "We realized the urgency of the situation and that if we do not assist in financing the purchase of basic equipment the businesses that these women put their hearts and souls into would be irrevocably lost," she says.


Dr. Adit Dayan and the Jerusalem Foundation sourced the money necessary to replace the equipment, reopen immediately and get back on their feet. "The aim is that we will be able to raise more substantial funds for this important project in the future," she says.


Karov la-Bbayit was established by the Fanny Kaplan Community Center in Jerusalem's Pat neighborhood.