Yerushalem – Helping All Residents Celebrate Shabbat

Yerushalem – Helping All Residents Celebrate Shabbat 2


Yerushalem – Helping All Residents Celebrate Shabbat


Shabbat – Saturday – afternoon in Jerusalem. What a better time to see a free percussion and world music concert, with the Old City of Jerusalem as a backdrop?


That is what hundreds of Jerusalemite families did this past Saturday afternoon. From 16:00 – 19:00, at the Haas and Sherover Promenades  in Armon Hanatziv. Opposite the walls of the Old City, The Yeru-Shalem Coalition held a “Shabbat Shelanu” (Our Shabbat) event for adults and children alike. The main event featured a concert of percussion instruments and world music by Liron Meyuhas, followed by a drummers’ circle workshop for children. In other areas along the promenade there were classic children’s games, story hour on the hour, and arts and crafts workshops. All this, for free.


 “These events are great – close to home, good, clean fun, outside,” said Naomi, who came to the event with her young daughter. “It represents what we want this city to be – a place for everyone – religious and not, celebrating Jerusalem. I look forward to these events, it helps make Jerusalem a city I want to live in with my family.”


Shaike El-Ami, Director of the Ginot Ha’Ir Community Council and Chair of the Yerushalem Coalition, said, “Shabbat belongs to the entire city’s population, and we are committed to ensuring it be a day of joy, culturally and communally, for everyone.”


Yerushalem – Helping All Residents Celebrate Shabbat 3


The Jerusalem Foundation seeks to foster a modern, pluralist Jerusalem, one that seeks to respond to the needs of its diversity of residents. It is for this reason that the Foundation has been supporting Yeru-Shalem nearly since it establishment in 2011. The main goal of Yeru-Shalem is to strengthen Jerusalem’s multi-layered character and empower the activity of the pluralist elements of its civil society, an important cornerstone of the city’s future. Within this worldview, the Coalition works to strengthen Jerusalem’s diverse and pluralistic character in general, and in especially in specifically pluralistic neighborhoods. Today the coalition includes some 50 community and civic organizations from throughout Jerusalem.


In 2014 Yeru-Shalem strengthened its presence and influence in the city through its signature Shabbat initiative, known as “Shabbat Shelanu” or , “Our Shabbat.” The Shabbat initiative was chosen based on the assumption that Jerusalem’s pluralistic character can be enhanced within the framework of Shabbat, a time and space that serves as a unique opportunity for a variety of cultural and communal expressions.  In 2015 Yeru-Shalem is continuing to expand the Shabbat initiative.