2016 Accomplishments

 2016 Accomplishments


2016 Accomplishments

For half a century, with the help of friends of Jerusalem from around the world, we have raised over a billion dollars for over 4,000 projects that have significantly impacted the city.

We celebrated our 50th anniversary in September 2016,  with over 250 guests from around the world. We looked at the city’s past, present, and future, and explored the Jerusalem Foundation’s role shaping a modern, vibrant city.

Conference participants toured Jerusalem Foundation projects, heard from key figures, including Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Bernard Henri Levy, and had the chance to vote for the winners of our Social Innovation Challenge

We supported more than 100  young Jerusalem artists in 2016 who performed  in a wide variety of festivals throughout the city - the Jazz Festival, Israel Festival, Musrara Mix, Manofim Contemporary Art Festival, and the Oud Festival – securing them vital  employment and keeping them in Jerusalem. Jerusalem was proud to host director Quentin Tarantino and Spanish actress Emma Suarez  at the Jerusalem Film Festival that brought 50,000 visitors who watched 200 films from 55 countries, and held more than 300 events over 10 days.

Understanding that education is key to successful city, we awarded over 635,000NIS to 170 students of the arts, engineering, technology, and social work at Jerusalem's institutions of higher education. These dedicated students form the city’s next generation of young professionals and are vital to its economic future. We also strengthened Jerusalem’s schools through our “Young Academia” program, connecting  15 Jerusalem elementary schools and 11 institutions of higher education in Jerusalem, enabling thousands of school children's exposure to academia and giving their schools a special advantage to make them appealing to young families.

Jerusalem is the poorest city in Israel and no where is this more evident than among children. We are proud to support Project Springboard in the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood through innovative programming targeting children and teenagers, opening up 2 new employment training and vocational courses, as well as a new citywide entrepreneurship program for previous graduates.

Shared living and dialogue in Jerusalem is a critical component in keeping the city tolerant for all residents.  We were proud to host the first ever Cultural Competency Conference that brought more than 300 Jerusalemites to ensure that services across all sectors are accessible and adapted to the vast diversity of identities and cultures in Jerusalem.  Giving voice to shared living in Jerusalem, we supported the Jerusalem Inter-Cultural Center’s MiniActive  network of 1,000 Arab women from east Jerusalem who have become models for grassroots action, solving thousands of everyday problems each year. In March 2016 their work led to policy change – the addition of millions of shekels to the annual municipal budget for sanitation in east Jerusalem.

Jerusalem has so many unique spaces and Muslala – The Terrace, is a great example of using these spaces to their fullest and in the spirit of genuine urban renewal.   We opened “The Terrace” a new cultural and communal center in the Clal Building in downtown Jerusalem that hosts dance, arts, carpentry, and urban agriculture workshops, turning what once was a dilapidated space into a thriving arts and commercial center.

We wish you a happy and a healthy 2017, and look forward to the next 50 years of working for the city and people of Jerusalem.