Jerusalem Jazz Festival: A Review

 Jerusalem Jazz Festival A Review

 Jerusalem Jazz Festival: A Review

The Israel Museum is a mélange of artifacts and artworks from different eras and different places across the globe. Last night, its halls became alive with the sounds of jazz, in all its different forms: vocal and instrumental, solo and quartet, bass, saxophone, piano and violin. Much like the pieces in the museum’s collection, the music became a sort of exhibit, demonstrating some of Israel and the world’s best jazz offerings.

In the auditorium, the Jeff Ballard Trio wowed the audience with smooth music punctuated by virtuoso solos, and Ricki Lee Jones performed with the Yellow Submarines’s “Non-Standard” jazz ensemble, giving a unique Jerusalem spin to her renowned pieces. In the Feast and Miracles Gallery, amid a background of menorahs, Lucian Ban and Mat Manori led a contemplative  viola-piano performance that left the audience mesmerized. Meanwhile, in the Israeli Art Gallery, a large crowd gathered around the Israeli Hagiga Quartet, whose songs conjured up images of 1920s speak-easies while also maintaining a more global flavor. They later gave way to the Too Many Zooz group, which brought some New York sounds that perfectly complemented the Israeli art behind them.

Meanwhile, pop-up jazz performances dotted the museum’s halls, accompanying audience members as they darted back and forth between the different “official” concerts. Anyone who wanted more music was invited to a special midnight jam session at the Yellow Submarine, which also provided a chance to interact with the artists.

The Jazz Festival’s joyous atmosphere was the perfect complement to the chilly weather outside, keeping audience members warm and cozy with the sounds of beautiful music combined with breathtaking art works from around the globe.

The Jerusalem Foundation is proud to support the Jerusalem Jazz Festival, as part of its ongoing efforts to shape Jerusalem as a modern, vibrant city and a thriving cultural center that continues to inspire new generations from Israel and around the world.

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