Inauguration of the Kathryn and Alan Greenberg Sports and Recreation Center in Jerusalem's East Talpiot

 Inauguration Of The Kathryn And Alan Greenberg Sports And Recreation Center In Jerusalems East Talpiot 2
After years of anticipation, the swimming pool and sports center in East Talpiot, was inaugurated on April 20, 2014, in the presence of Mayor Nir Barkat, Jerusalem Foundation President Yohanna Arbib Perugia and Jerusalem Foundation CEO Anat Tzur, Chairman of Mifal Hapayis Major General (Res.) Uzi Dayan and very dear friend of Jerusalem, Mrs. Kathryn Greenberg.

The construction of the new, state-of-the-art complex, at a cost of 35 million NIS, was made possible by a generous donation to the Jerusalem Foundation from long-time dear friends and generous supporters, the late Mr. Alan C. Greenberg and Mrs. Kathryn Greenberg of the United States. In a moving dedication ceremony, Alan was remembered for the love for Jerusalem that he and Mrs. Greenberg shared and their loyal and persistent partnership in improving the public sphere in East Talpiot and throughout the city. The Jerusalem Municipality and the Mifal Hapayis Israel Lottery Association also partnered significantly with the Jerusalem Foundation to enable the project's establishment.


 Inauguration Of The Kathryn And Alan Greenberg Sports And Recreation Center In Jerusalems East Talpiot 1

Speaking at the ceremony, Kathryn Greenberg, who flew in especially for the occasion from New York together with her sister Connie from Los Angeles, was delighted and moved at seeing the new, modern sports and recreation center finally become a reality. The idea for the center first began when her late husband visited the site together with Ruth Cheshin, Jerusalem Foundation cofounder and former president, over a decade ago. Kathryn and Alan remained passionate supporters throughout the project and, sadly, Alan passed away shortly before its completion. As token of the community's enormous appreciation, Kathryn Greenberg was given the title Honorary Resident of East Talpiot.

The Kathryn and Alan Greenberg Sports and Recreation Center was built by the Planning and Construction Department of the Jerusalem Foundation, through Galpaz Architects. The complex includes a large and well-equipped fitness center, classrooms, a café, a half-Olympic size pool with a retractable roof and more. The center is housed in a beautifully designed “green construction” building, meeting Israel’s latest standards for environmentally friendly structures and accessible to persons with disabilities. Operated by the East Talpiot Community Council, the center will serve the residents of the southern Jerusalem community through a wide array of programs and activities.

Inauguration Of The Kathryn And Alan Greenberg Sports And Recreation Center In Jerusalems East Talpiot 3
“The Jerusalem Foundation has for 50 years been improving the quality of life in the capital city”, says Jerusalem Foundation president Yohanna Arbib Perugia. “With heartfelt thanks to Alan and Kathryn Greenberg, the pool is yet another example of our long term investment in the East Talpiot neighborhood and will draw young families and bring people together to enjoy sports and recreational activities at this wonderful new facility.”

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said, “The center includes one of seven new community pools in residential areas throughout the city, which will form the basis of recreational and physical health activities for residents of all ages. In a perfect example of private-public partnership with the Greenberg family, the Jerusalem Foundation, Mifal Hapayis and the Jerusalem Municipality, this is an additional step we are taking to enhance the quality of life for Jerusalem’s residents."