Jerusalem Foundation Support Summer Shared Living Initiatives

Jerusalem Foundation Support Summer Shared Living Initiatives

Jerusalem Foundation Support Summer Shared Living Initiatives

Jerusalem’s diversity is one of her greatest treasures. At the Jerusalem Foundation, we believe strongly in leveraging that diversity to create platforms for shared living that pave the way for the city’s thriving future.

This summer, we’re proud to support a number of shared living initiatives that continue to shape Jerusalem as a pluralistic, tolerant city that inspires millions of people across the world.

Zikuk 3

Zikuk 3 is Hamazkeka’s free two-night festival that brings the best of Jerusalemite music to the stage, acting as half-concert, half-street party.  This year, with the help of the Jerusalem Foundation, two bands from east Jerusalem participated in the festival, where Jews and Arabs danced side-by-side, in a lineup that included classic Arabic pop music, as well as original pieces.

Jerusalem Double

This second place winner of our 50th anniversary Social Innovation Challenge is holding a series of backgammon tournaments throughout the city that bring together Jews and Arabs of all ages, and political and religious backgrounds. Their championship on August 24, in the Old City, will feature live music with a lineup including: Neta Elkayam, Zahava Ben, and Nasreen Kadari, accompanied by the Firkat-al-Noor Orchestra. The winner will receive  a prize of 25,000 NIS.

Firkat-al-Noor Orchestra

This orchestra celebrates Jewish and Arab Middle Eastern music traditions. Its diverse makeup encompasses ultra-Orthodox Jews as well as religious Muslims, and its music appeals to a wide set of audiences. We’re proud to support their “Egyptian Movie” series, which pairs silent screenings of Egyptian movies with live performances of Arab music. Catch on of their concerts at the Jerusalem Theater on August 31st, or hear them play at Jerusalem Double on the 24th.

Koom-Koom Theater

Koom-Koom Theater specializes in dialogue-free plays  geared towards younger audiences, hosting Arab and Jewish school groups during the school year and are just as busy in the summer. This month they’re having a series of activities at the Israel Museum, based on an exhibit about cats and dogs. The audience is invited for an interactive tour that brings the exhibit to life and allows them to view the world from a pet’s perspective. We’re proud to support this unique theater group.

International Festival of Puppet Theater

Puppetry is an art form that can transcend linguistic boundaries, using visuals to entertain children and adults alike. This year’s lineup included a Hebrew-Arabic-English-Russian hip-hop performance, and two Arabic-Hebrew plays that used theater to teach messages about tolerance. Located at the Train Theater in Gan Hapaamon, a spot popular with young families from a wide array of backgrounds, this Festival, which we sponsor every year, brings together Jerusalem’s different community.


Part of shared living is not just sharing this world with each other, but also, sharing it with our planet’s resources. That is the thought behind Muslala’s rooftop cultural hub and garden, which offers special children’s activities every Monday afternoon. In addition to an organic wooden play-area, the activities teach children how to grow plants and how to interact with bees. The event is come-as-you-are.  Expect to meet barefoot hippies exchanging parenting complaints with ultra-Orthodox women in headscarves.