Canada Enjoys a Long History with the Jerusalem Foundation

Canada Enjoys a Long History with the Jerusalem Foundation


Canadians were well represented during the recent international gathering in Jersusalem of donors, philanthropists and supporters of the Jerusalem Foundation. A delegation of over twenty individuals proudly represented Canada at two events that marked the significant contribution of Canadian philanthropists to ensure that Teddy Kollek's vision of for Jerusalem as a vibrant world capital be fulfilled.

Through the visionary leadership and philanthropic contribution of Lewis Mitz and Wendy Posluns and family, an Inukshuk sculpture was unveiled in the heart of the Musrara neighbourhood. Lewis Mitz, President of the Jerusalem Foundation of Canada, initiated the project to mark the 50th year of the reunification of Jerusalem and as a symbol of the strong ties between Canada and Israel.  An Inukshuk is an Inuit symbol that represents home, place and friendship and is part of Canada's folk history.

Canadian Story

The sculpture design was selected by a jury comprised of representatives from the Jerusalem Municipality, the Israel Museum and the Musrara neighbourhood. The sculpture is located outside of Canada House- a social service a community hub which was created by JFC and whose many vital services are funded by generous Canadian donors through such programs as the Koschitzky Centre for Young Adults and the Reitman Centre for Seniors.The Jerusalem Foundation of Canada also enabled the creation of a new playground to be added to the redesigned garden through the generous support of the Joffe Family of Canada.

To read more about Jerusalem's special Inukshuk covered in the Canadian Jewish News, click here.

The celebrations continued at Teddy Park. where a plaque was unveiled celebrating the generous $2million  contribution from 50 Canadian families, a portion of which was used to benefit the Naggar School. The dedication ceremony  for this project attracted many Canadian visitors and those currently living in Israel to celebrate Canada's long tradition in building Jerusalem. Julia Koschitzky, past chair of the JFC and member of the international board, spoke eloquently about our collective prayers to ensure that Jerusalem will forever be a city of light, a holy city, a city of righteousness, a city of beauty and finally, a City of Peace.

IMG 0901Photo credit: Perry Mendelboym