5 Things You Should Do Tonight

Five Things You Should Do Tonight

If Friday has become your “errand day,” consider Thursday nights on the town.

 Here are five things you should do tonight in Jerusalem. Happy Thursday!

1) Goy Division at the Khan Theater, 10 pm*:
Come to this free performance of Gypsy-punk that blends the shtetl and the Middle East. Get ready to do the belly-dance hora.

2) Zikuk at Hamazkeka*, 9 pm:
Do you like free music and dancing in the streets with up-and-coming local bands? If so, this is the event for you!

3) The Wine Festival at the Israel Museum,7 pm:
The Wine Festival is a Jerusalem classic. Few things feel more sophisticated than strolling in the Israel Museum’s garden, sipping chardonnay and talking about Picasso.

4) Taming of the Shrew at the Bloomfield Garden*, 5:30 pm:
This Shakespearean performance uses the garden as a stage. Families are invited to bring their own chairs and blankets and sit on the grass. Full disclosure – the costume designer also designed my wedding dress. 

I normally don’t make recommendations, but today, I will violate my own rules. I highly recommend these two performances which are part of the International Puppet Festival:

Homeless by Hanut 31, 8 pm at the Khan Theater,*an artistic tour that explores modern urban homelessness and brings a new vantage point to Jerusalem’s streets.

Gulliver by Hazira Performance Art Arena, 7 pm at the Gerard Behar Center,*a narration of Gulliver’s travels and  adventures using puppets, videos, and a stage filled with water.

*indicates a project, place, or institution that receives support from the Jerusalem Foundation