International Festival of Puppet Theater: Fun for the Whole Family

International Festival of Puppet Theater: Fun for the Whole Family 2

 International Festival of Puppet Theater: Fun for the Whole Family

It’s a little disconcerting when you walk into the place where you last heard Handel’s Messiah and find it setup for a multi-lingual hip-hop concert. But by the time System Ali had busted out the English, Hebrew, and Arabic and moved on to the Russian, I was too immersed in their performance to care. “It is only when we each are able to sing in our own mother-tongue, in our own language, that we will be able to create a real home”, said Neta Weiner, band member and accordionist par excellence.

System Ali kicked off the official opening of the International Festival of Puppet Theater, and incoroprated  the ‘warm up act’  for the Festival’s puppet plays “Under Construction”, “Why Did the Fish Cry” and “the Dragon Encyclopedia.”  

System Ali’s energetic show had the audience on their feet, with people sneaking off to the side of the room to dance.

Meanwhile, down the block, parents and children got a sneak preview of the Luna Park – a series of interactive performances for children that take place throughout the festival at the Koret Liberty Bell Park and Garden, with minimal entrance fee of 25 NIS.


The International Puppet Festival, produced by the Train Theater, will be on-going through August 10, with free performances for children at 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm at First Station and free concerts at 10 pm at the Khan Theater courtyard, as well as a wide array of ticketed shows for children and adults alike.

If you’re looking for more Jerusalem Foundation-sponsored children activities, make sure to check out Muslala’s weekly family rooftop time, from 4 pm to 7 pm every Monday, through October.

If you’re looking for Jerusalem Foundation-sponsored  free entertainment for a more mature crowd, check out Zikuk 3, Hamazkeka’s 2-day festival of live performances and street parties, on August 9 and 10.