My Plan: Will I Achieve It?

My Plan Will I Achieve ItCredit: Benjamin Touitou

Here’s  my plan for Tuesday:

Drop by Jerusalem Design Week at Hansen House, stick around for the launch of the Hebrew-language version of the renowned Granta literary magazine, rush off to the International Book Week at First Station for an hour, and then stay for an Alma Zohar concert.

I’m not sure I’ll accomplish that. I might get stuck at work, or derailed by dinner. But it’s my plan.

What about Wednesday?

Here are some options:

I have a confession: On Thursday, all I want to do is go home, and finish the half-bottle of wine I have in my fridge while cuddling with my husband and watching Star Trek. I generally try to avoid admitting that, because I’m still trying to make my husband think that I hate Star Trek, and only agree to watch it because of my deep affection for him.

But for those in search of a more exciting weekend, Jerusalem has a lot to offer. Here are some recommendations:

1) Writers Write Jerusalem, Justice Club, Thursday, 7 pm:

This event, by Mashiv Haruach Poetry Journal, invites up-and-coming poets to read their works pertaining to the holy city.

2) What’s the Deal with Ramadan, the Young Adults Center at Canada House, Thursday, 7 pm:

This event, produced by the Dardash school for spoken Arabic, includes a lecture on the history of Ramadan, as well as Arabic-language music and language learning.

3) Shivat Tzion, Nocturno, Thursday, 8 pm:

A home-grown indie band, food, and coffee. What’s not to like?

4) Rona Kenan and Yoav Kutner, Beit Avichai, Thursday, 9 pm:

Two artists in a musical conversation that functions half as an intimate concert, half as a musing on the creative process, combine for a magical evening.

5) Meir Banai Karaoke, Gai Ben Hinnom, Thursday, 8:30 pm:

Kareoke might not exactly be the right word. In Kareoke, you stand up and make a fool of yourself while holding the microphone. In Israeli “Public Singing” you all sing together, which prevents anyone from feeling too embarrassed. Bring blankets and enjoy making music under the sky, right next to the Old City walls.

6) Music from Spain’s Golden Age, the Center for Middle Eastern Music, Friday 11:30 am:

This is part of the center’s free Friday morning series; the musical pieces will involve the oud, the double bass and the qanun. I have no idea what a qanun is.

7) Backgammon Tournament, Hashchena, Friday, 1 pm:

Come to this popular hummus joint right next to Mahane Yehuda for a rowdy and exciting backgammon tournament – and lunch.

Wishing you a great weekend – now if you’ll excuse me, that half-bottle of wine is waiting.