Tamar Borer at Hazira

 Tamar Bord At Hazira

Talpiot: Industrial zone by day, avant-garde arts scene by night.

 HaZira Performance Arts Arena is one of the centers of this scene, acting as a platform for the city’s up-and-coming artists, as well as a host for fringe artists from throughout Israel and around the world who wish to perform in Jerusalem.

Last night, they hosted Tamar Borer in a mystical and magical performance that explored the form and movement of the human body, as well as the relationship between dance and photography as artistic mediums.

As photographs were screened onto the dance floor, Tamar Lamm and Tamar Borer danced across the stage, twining and untwining their bodies, in an exploration of the human need for contact.

The audience sat spell-bound; after a few rounds of applause, people were still so enchanted that they did not want to leave, until one brave soul crossed the floor, nodding to the dancers as he swayed beneath the weight of his backpack.

Then, it was back into the cool night air in the neighborhood of bakeries and car stores. The spell had been broken, but a taste of the magic remained, lingering on the tongues of all those who had delighted to be members, for one hour, of the enchanted realm of art.