The # JFChallenge


Yellow Submarine

This  week, I’m embarking on the #JFChallenge. It’s very simple.

Step 1: Plan  a  weekend of events or institutions that receive support from the Jerusalem Foundation.

Step 2: Take a photo at those events, and upload it to social media with the hashtag #JFchallenge.

Wondering which Jerusalem Foundation events or institutions to go to? No worries – I’m providing you with this handy list below:

Thursday, October 26:

“Illustrations” Closing, 8 pm at Beita: Haiku meets animation in this multi-disciplinary performance that acts as the closing for Beita’s “Illustrations” festival.

Sharon Poliakine Exhibit Opening, 8 pm at the Jerusalem Print Workshop: This event, part of the Manofim Contemporary Arts Festival, launches Poliakine’s solo exhibit at the Workshop.

Bedtime Tour, 10 pm at Muslala: This event  features an hour-long, free tour of the Clal Building, and Muslala;s the Terrace – an arts oasis on the buildin’s rooftop. There is the option of staying on the rooftop for a slumber party, including bedtime stories and live music, so make sure to bring pjs.

Historic Tours,  8 pm at Hansen House: Come learn about the history of this former lepers’ hospital, and explore the daily life of the patients.

Book of Humanity, 8 pm at Beit Avichai: This multi-disciplinary performance by the Nisan Nativ Acting Studio combines Jewish texts with contemporary theater.

Friday, October 27:

Muslala Tour, 10 am at the Clal Building: Come hear the history of one of the most unique buildings in the city center, alongside the urban renewal that is taking place from the rooftop downwards.

Creative Mornings, 10 am at Hansen House: Come hear Helen Wexler speak about building 3-d housing for astronauts on Mars, in this series of lectures that focus on different types of human creativity.

Mono-Lingua, 1 pm at Davidoff’s Garage: This Arabic-music party features some of east Jerusalem’s best djs. Part of the Manofim Contemporary Arts Festival, this event will take place at a garage in the industrial Talpiot neighborhood.

Batim Mebifnim, 10 am at the Old Yishuv Court Museum: This  guided tour of the Museum’s latest exhibit is part of Batim Mebifnim, a series of events that  open’s the city’s unique spaces to the general public.

Artist Appointments, 10 am at locations throughout the city: Manofim Contemporary Art Festival provides the opportunity to get to know local artists through “Artist Appointments”, where you can reserve a spot to go and visit an artist at their studio.

Saturday, October 28:

Mercedes Band, 9 pm at the Yellow Submarine: This renowned Israeli band will perform songs from their third album, which explores the male Israeli identity.

Sputnik Hi-Fi, 9  pm at Hamazkeka: Come hear this concert and debut of the band’s first album, which bills itself as “original Hebrew reggae”.

Salon Party, 8 pm at Hacubia Art Gallery: This exhibit launch of Hacubia’s Paris salon-style exhibit will also act as the closing event for the Manofim Contemporary Art festival. The party will take inspiration from all things French, adding Parisian touches to the menu and the music.