Atta’a – Advancing Arab Residents’ Rights

Ataa Advancing Rights In Health Care

 Atta’a – Advancing Arab Residents’ Rights

Need: Most Arab residents of east Jerusalem are entitled to full rights regarding health and welfare services by law, but tens of thousands do not receive them.

Response:The Atta'a Assistance Center for the Rights of East Jerusalem Residents was founded by the Jerusalem Foundation in 2004, with a goal to help Arab east Jerusalem residents to navigate the legal and health systems and other national agencies. It offers:

  • Ongoing One-on-One Work with Residents: Information and assistance with forms, correspondence and official documents when dealing with institutions such as the National Insurance Institute (NII), Interior Ministry and the Jerusalem Municipality.
  • Mass Awareness Raising: Lectures for the general public and high school students.
  • Networking and Partnerships with 70 organizations and centers in the broader community.

Population Served: Handles hundreds of individual requests each year, workshops and lectures for thousands of high school students and adults. Targets the entire Arab population of Jerusalem.

Impact: “Before I arrived at Atta’a I was lost in a pile of paperwork. I’d turned to a lawyer, the welfare department, the National Insurance Institute. Atta’a volunteers made order out of the mess in my life. I feel today how much I needed an anchor, and the Atta’a volunteers were that anchor.” Muhammad, aged 47

Partners: The Jerusalem Intercultural Center; Jerusalem Municipality