Beit Hayeled – The Gilo Children’s Home

 Beit Hayeled – The Gilo Children’s Home


Need: Ten thousand children in Israel are growing up in 90 children’s homes throughout the country. For these children, placement in a therapeutic residential facility such as Beit Hayeled – the Gilo Children’s Home represents what is for many the first real home they have ever known, complete with care for their physical needs as well as genuine emotional support – their first experience of regular meals, encouragement, consideration, and love. Beit Hayeled is divided into separate family units called mishpachtonim, each of which operates under the guidance of the unit’s surrogate “parents,” a nuclear family that usually includes a couple and their biological children. This successful family-unit model pioneered by the Gilo Children’s Home has been assimilated into comparable residential facilities nationwide. However, in the nearly 40 years since its establishment, these family residences have undergone no more than minor improvements and now require extensive renovation to reach compliancy with contemporary state health and safety regulations and to ensure the continued effectiveness of the family-unit model for raising disadvantaged children.


Response: The Jerusalem Foundation has for 50 years remained unwavering in its mission to create opportunities for all of Jerusalem’s residents, with a particular emphasis on supporting the needs of the city’s most vulnerable populations. In fulfillment of this mandate, the Foundation is pleased to support a full-scaled renovation of the Gilo Children’s Home.


Populations Served: The Gilo Children’s Home was established in 1980 as a therapeutic family framework for at-risk children and has since served as home to thousands of boys and girls removed from neglectful or abusive homes by Child Protection Services. One hundred children ages 5 to 15 currently reside at the Gilo Children’s Home in southern Jerusalem.


Impact:A complete overhaul of the entire building, including the individual mishpachton units and the common areas, will enable the physical conditions of the facility to both reflect and contribute to the goals of ensuring that every child at the Gilo Children’s Home grows up in an environment that promotes their physical, mental and emotional development to adulthood.