Beit Rochlin Home for the Aged Senior Day Care Center

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Beit Rochlin Home for the Aged

Senior Day Care Center


Need: As human life expectancy has grown, so has the proportion of the population over age 65. In Israel today, seniors represent 10% of the nation's population, totaling over 800,000 individuals. This figure is expected to double by the year 2030, a trend that clearly mandates a novel and wide-ranging response. Twenty-first century society must ensure the physical well-being of its "golden-aged" citizens, and enable the intellectual, emotional and social fulfillment of these men and women who still have so much to give.


Response: During its 50 years of creating opportunities for the Jerusalem’s vulnerable populations, the Jerusalem Foundation has devoted significant resources towards development of a web of services for the elderly.  Beit Rochlin, a home for the city’s elderly for more than 100 years, permanently established itself 25 years ago, (with the help of the Rochlin Foundation, Sherman Trust and Jerusalem Foundation) in Kiryat Menachem, as a six-story structure that includes the Sherman Day Care Center on its ground floor. The Jerusalem Foundation now aims to construct a separate facility for the Day Care Center.


Populations Served: One of the city's largest public old-age homes, Beit Rochlin provides a home to 124 elderly Jerusalemites, in three different settings: a semi-independent/assisted-living facility, as well as long-term care and nursing facilities (both renovated by the Jerusalem Foundation). At the Marjorie & Archie Sherman Day Care Center, 70 seniors enjoy a dynamic daily schedule within a secure environment. 


Impact: The "Senior Day Center" concept is now recognized as a critical tool in the community-based care approach that encourages and empowers seniors to remain at home as they age. As a stand-alone center, Sherman Day Care can better provide for the needs of local seniors, with division of the day center from the residential facility promoting a sense of independence among seniors living at home, the day center’s target population. The plan is to then convert the current site of Sherman into a new residential wing, enabling Beit Rochlin to offer more full-time senior residence opportunities.

Partners:Sherman Trust

Funding needed:180,000 NIS