Elderly Day Center at Beit Rochlin

Beit Rochlin Photo 1

 Need: Beit Rochlin Senior Citizen Home for the Aged is located in one of Jerusalem’s most socio-economically underprivileged neighborhoods, Kiryat Menachem. Residents appreciate Beit Rochlin for its family like, religious atmosphere, where observing laws of Kashrut, the Sabbath and religious holidays are practiced on the grounds.  Beit Rochlin’s guiding principle is concern for the welfare of its residents by providing shelter, warmth and professional care. Many are dependent on their children to receive their financial, emotional and medical needs. Beit Rochlin offers an improved quality of life for elderly residents and strives to assimilate each member as part of a nurturing community, both dependent and independent elderly.

Response:  Beit Rochlin’s current facilities require expansion and improvements to accommodate infirm elderly who live solely on stipends from the National Insurance Institute and social welfare. Beit Rochlin now seeks to establish a new building for the independent elderly. This new facility will enable Beit Rochlin staff to continue providing the elderly with services in a comfortable and dutiful manner. As the community continues to grow in the future, Beit Rochlin would like to build an additional facility for the independent elderly beside Beit Rochlin’s current facility including an enlarged daycare center.

Population Served: Jerusalem’s underprivileged elderly

Impact: Beit Rochlin staff will be empowered to further enrich the programming content and to provide residents more options for ease and convenience in receiving care. Beit Rochlin administrators plan to build a playground area in the new building’s central courtyard for the enjoyment of the residents’ visiting grandchildren. New iimprovements will include quiet corners where family and residents can gather, and additional spaces to hold social activities. Beit Rochlin recognizes there is a constant need to improve facilities and to add additional content in order to maintain the high standard of care offered.

Partners:  Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Welfare