The Herzog Hospital Children & Adolescent Respiratory Care Wing

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The Herzog Hospital Children & Adolescent Respiratory Care Wing


Need: Long-term respiratory care for Israel's youngest patients represents an exceptional challenge for the nation's medical system. Herzog Hospital (est. 1894), the third largest medical facility in Jerusalem, has long been recognized for its expertise in long-term respiratory care, particularly for pediatric patients. Since its establishment in 2004, the hospital’s Children’s Respiratory Unit has been filled to capacity, with a lengthy waiting list. Funding limitations have also inhibited expansion of the entire Hospital infrastructure. A new window of opportunity opened for Herzog, however, with the receipt of a major financial gift (via Jerusalem Foundation Switzerland) towards the exterior construction of a new six-story medical pavilion – a gift which mandates that Herzog raise the funds to construct the complex interior.


Response: In line with its 50-year commitment to ensuring the welfare of the city’s vulnerable populations, the Jerusalem Foundation supports Herzog Hospital in its unceasing dedication to fulfilling the medical needs of the people of Jerusalem.


Populations Served: Children may require respirator support as a result of congenital health conditions (due in some cases to the incidence of consanguineous marriages among certain Israeli population groups), or as the devastating outcome of a childhood accident or terror attack. No population sector is spared tragic accidents; neither do terrorists differentiate among their victims. Thus the need for pediatric respiratory care crosses all demographic boundaries.


Impact: The new medical complex will add 240 urgently needed beds to help Herzog meet the growing health care needs of 21st-century Jerusalem. The lower four floors will host the departments of Psychogeriatrics, Internal Medicine, Acute Geriatric Medicine, Complex Nursing Care, and Dialysis. The fifth floor will provide adult respiratory care and the top floor is reserved for the 2,700-square-meter Children & Adolescent Respiratory Care Wing, which, with two units of nine patient rooms each, will be the largest such facility in Israel.