Barbur B&B 2016

Barbur BB 2016 

Barbur B&B 2016
This July Barbur Gallery Will Eat Sleep and Breathe Art

Barbur Gallery is a non­profit art gallery found in the heart of Jerusalem’s Nachlaot
neighborhood. The gallery’s exhibition hall is always filled with unique art and artists, with rotating exhibits that highlight different artists and mediums.They seek to create a new art
community through sharing inspiration and gathering artists and art lovers to meet and connect through their shared passion.

This July, Barbur Gallery will be holding its annual residency B&B event. Every day of July another artist will present their pieces in the gallery. Not only will their art have the floor for the day, but the artists themselves will eat, sleep, work, and mingle in the gallery; allowing the public to visit and meet them, discover their art, and to ask questions. The artists will be sharing their various mediums of art ­ spanning from poetry, to performance, dance, and visual arts. Each exhibition will then be stored at the gallery to be added to the final show at the end of the month, when all the pieces will be showcased together in one grand exhibition.

The Jerusalem Foundation is proud to support the Barbur Gallery in their endeavor to encourage local artists and make their art accessible to the public. By strengthening the arts in Jerusalem, Barbur makes way for the city to continually thrive and build a strong cultural community for this generation, and for generations to come.