Jerusalem Foundation president Shai Doron is attempting to plan for the city’s long-term future once the crisis ends.
It is our duty to continue to provide for the city’s Holocaust survivors, to give them a warm and welcoming “home.”
The new center seeks to enable special education graduates to integrate into the workforce and build independent lives as young adults, rather than being solely dependent on government assistance.
Interview: Shai Doron, a fourth generation Jerusalemite, recently became president of the Jerusalem Foundation (JF). From 1988 to 1993, Doron, 58, served as chief of staff to Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek.
Shai Doron, president of the Jerusalem Foundation, which seeks to build philanthropic partnerships to “shape the future of Jerusalem,” was in St. Louis late last month and sat down for an interview with the Jewish Light at the Jewish Federation’s Kaplan Feldman Complex.
The Jerusalem Foundation supports a unique project which gives strength to elderly people from the Ethiopian community...