Teddy Kollek established the Jerusalem Foundation in September 1966, and he gave lovers of Jerusalem worldwide  a  vehicle  for  becoming  involved  in  the  city. Teddy served as Mayor of Jerusalem from 1965 to 1993 and was widely acclaimed as the “great builder” of modern Jerusalem. He brought creativity, determination, charm, and vision to his role as Mayor and, under his tenure, Jerusalem became a different city.


Teddy Kollek’s life is a fascinating story, starting  with his birth in Hungary, his early years in Vienna, and as a pioneer in the nascent State of Israel.  He served alongside the country’s founders and witnessed history firsthand.  While some remember Teddy and his impact on Jerusalem and on the country as a whole, the next generation deserves the right to know him the way we do.


Thanks to the generous donation of Kenneth and Ann Bialkin, the Teddy Kollek Digital Archive, available online and at the Kenneth and Ann Bialkin Visitor’s Center in Teddy Park located in Mitchell Park and Gardens, will offer a glimpse into the life and times of Teddy Kollek.


Click here for a virtual tour of Teddy Park and the Visitor’s Center.


To watch a short clip about Teddy’s life, click here.

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