The Jerusalem Foundation ensures that Jerusalem's diverse residents can continue to build a modern, open and vibrant city together. With a special focus on the social and communal needs of the city's most vulnerable populations, we effectively strengthen the social fabric and community support systems of Jerusalem.
The Jerusalem Foundation leverages the city's diversity and unique history to shape its future as a modern, thriving, metropolis by providing platforms for its varied populations to find expression through creativity. Creative initiatives breathe new life into the city, enhancing its vibrancy and openness, and ensuring that it continues to be a source ofinspiration around the world.
The Jerusalem Foundation focuses on developing leadership and excellence in the city through its involvement in community activism and investment in the next generation. By promoting young civil leadership with a long term commitment to the city, and guaranteeing that all diverse communities have access to opportunities to excel, we safeguard the future.

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Join us in strengthening Jerusalem, an ancient city becoming a center for youthful creativity, innovation, inclusiveness and pluralism; an open city functioning as the civil society capital of Israel and the Jewish people; a livable city for young families; an inspiration to the world. DONATE

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