The war is not over but these past months have shown us that nurturing leadership is critical to the future of Jerusalem and Israel.

Join us to meet with the next generation of young Jerusalem leaders and to learn more about the hope we see for the future. The response of civil and community leadership to the events of October 7th and the war that still continues, have proven once again that leadership and grassroots activism can bring us hope and effect real change, even in the face of the most dire and terrible challenges.


The Jerusalem Foundation focuses on developing leadership and excellence in the city through its involvement in community activism and investment in the next generation. By promoting civil and professional leadership with a long-term commitment to the city and guaranteeing that all diverse communities have access to opportunities to excel, we safeguard the future.


This year’s seminar will be different than in the past and we will visit programs funded through the JF Emergency Fund and learn more about the impact the war has had on Jerusalem and on the evacuees/refugees finding safe harbor in the city.  We will also provide a window into the many leadership initiatives making a difference in the city and give participants an opportunity to hear directly from young people in highlighted leadership programs such as: SAHI, young adult led volunteer community service; The George Pinto Leadership Fellows, doctoral students and recent PhD graduates, who are studying community progress and commit to work for that progress at the highest level; and Tene Yerushalmi Double Impact, which encourages young people to put down roots in Jerusalem and become involved in their local communities alongside many other exciting leadership initiatives.


Following the Seminar in Jerusalem, there will be an option of adding an additional day to your visit, to join us in a tour of the areas most affected by the war – the southern border communities and/or the northern border communities.  Scheduled for May 23, 2024 and dependent on pre-registration.

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