Jerusalem is in need of a new generation of leaders and, with many students and other Jerusalemites leaving the city, a new program is facing the challenge head on and providing a solution which will develop leadership for Jerusalem.


The George Pinto Jerusalem Leadership Fellows Programme, which is being launched this month, is an innovative new fellowship designed for PhD students in their final years of study. The program recognizes that such students are the future leaders of the city, and aims to engage with these students and support them in finding the job opportunities in which they can contribute to Jerusalem and use their academic skills and knowledge base.


Applications have opened for next year’s fellowship and the hope is that, despite the turmoil and instability in much of the world, many PhD students in Jerusalem will see the potential in this fellowship and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to advance their careers and contribute to the city.



The program, which is being run in partnership with the Hebrew University, is designed for students who are in the last year of their studies and provides them with a scholarship in return for a commitment to live and work in Jerusalem for five years. The Jerusalem Foundation will find the students leading positions in institutions and organizations across Jerusalem.


The program was made possible by a donation left by George Pinto in his estate. Mr. Pinto, a longtime friend of the Jerusalem Foundation, contributed to many educational initiatives and projects throughout his life with discretion and modesty.


Shai Doron, President of the Jerusalem Foundation, said that this program “was born out of the need to develop young leadership committed to Jerusalem”. “We felt the need to strengthen the leadership potential in the city so that they can lead civil society in a few years.”

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