Located in the ancient site of the Tower of David several hundreds of people took part of the festivities for the museums 30th anniversary. The Jerusalem Foundation is proud to have worked with Mayor Teddy Kollek to establish the Tower of David Museum through the generous contribution and support of The Clore Israel Foundation.



The museum itself reflects the diversity and the pluralistic history of our amazing city. Jerusalemite`s of all cultures as well as tourists from all over the visit the museum frequently and enjoy the shared past and future of Jerusalem.


The Tower of David embodies a location, where all different cultures and religions can share their history. “Many students and schools come here and study about the history of Jerusalem,” says Liat Rosner, Spokesperson of the JF. She is amazed by the 30th anniversary festivities and is proud of the impact the museum created during the last decades:  “It has not been easy to build such a Museum because of the different narratives that there are about the history of Jerusalem. We are proud, that this museum managed to overcome all the battles that people have in different narratives.” And she adds: “People of all religions, cultures and nationalities can get together here and find a respectful, peaceful and connecting cite of Jerusalem’s history.”




The anniversary was a huge success. Moving speeches by Eilat Lieber (the museum`s Director and Chief Curator), Shai Doron (President of the JF) and Dame Vivien Duffield, (Chairwoman of the Clore Foundation) framed the event.


The anniversary`s highlight touched the audience: Together they joined the Koolulam – a social-musical initiative aimed at strengthening the fabric of society. Several hundreds of people were empowered and emotionally sang Matisjahu`s song “One Day” together in joy. Performing  the song as a united audience in three different languages (Arab, English, Hebrew) really moved all of the guests and put cultural and religious differences in the background.


“The song (One Day) reflects Hope of Shalom – Hope of Peace for everybody, for humankind”, as one of the invited guests concludes thrilled by the empowering atmosphere of this felicitous celebration.


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