The world continues to struggle with this unprecedented global challenge and we are thinking of all of you during these difficult days.  Especially before Pesach, when families are used to being together, we know that it will be a very different holiday this year.


Now more than ever, Jerusalem can be a beacon of hope for all around the world, and the Jerusalem Foundation continues its mission to take care of the most vulnerable population groups in the city.  We want to tell you just one story about how a special group of young people are making a difference for elderly Holocaust survivors in Jerusalem.  Those among us who have already suffered unspeakably, need our protection to keep them safe at home during this crisis.



We were able to find the perfect partners to help the elderly Holocaust survivors in Jerusalem with the Hesed Youth Patrol made up of at-risk youth in Jerusalem from the most underserved neighborhoods. The youth work for the needy in their communities and by doing so, they turn their own lives around for the better.


A sports hall in Talpiot became a packing center, and volunteers from the Hesed Youth Patrol packed hundreds of food packages for distribution – including food and necessities for the Pesach holiday.  They personally delivered the Jerusalem Foundation packages to all homebound Holocaust survivors in Jerusalem.  People who are usually able to go out to Café Europa sponsored programs every week, are now confined to their homes and having the young people bring them supplies and check in on them, makes everyone feel more safe and more part of this larger Jerusalem community.


We are grateful to be able to help those most in need during this crisis and we will continue to help Jerusalem weather this storm.

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